Costa Rica “Lilo” Black Honey

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Costa Rica “Lilo” Black Honey

From the famous La Minita Estate, Lilo black honey prep is the crown jewel of black honey processing.

Costa Rica "Lilo" Black Honey – 1 Pound Bag
Costa Rica "Lilo" Black Honey – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Costa Rica "Lilo" Black Honey – 5 Pound Bag


From the La Minita farms inCosta Rica,  Lilo is the Black Honey Crown Jewel.

Instead of fermenting and washing the coffee after pulping the traditional way, honey processed (sometimes called pulped natural or semi-washed) coffees like this one are left to dry with some of the sticky fruit still intact. Color designations indicate the amount of fruit left on the seed during the process: white honeys have almost none at all, yellow honeys a little more, while red honeys are the classic style and black honeys, such as this version of Lilo are left to dry with as much fruit as possible. The resulting un-roasted seeds (beans) are left with a little reddish hue still clinging to the silver skin and a lot of bold, fruity flavors.

This coffee packs a whollop of sweetness and an intense vibrancy in the cup.

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