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Brazil Daterra "Sweet Yellow " - Organic


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Daterra is a coffee grower and export known for its innovative research, its respect for the environment and its high quality coffee. There are actually several large farms contained within Daterra Farms with a total of over 15,000,000 coffee trees. Plantations are located in the Cerrado region (State of Minas Gerais) and in the Mogiana region (State of São Paulo).

Daterra Sweet Yellow is both Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh certified. It is also an Organic certified coffee. The special care taken for picking, sorting and packaging techniques all lead to a superior cup and truly remarkable coffee for espresso.

This coffee is famous for its brown-sugar aroma, intense sweet nuttiness with medium body. It is a nice, very clean tasting coffee that works great for any preparation method including French press, single origin espresso, or drip brew.

Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $15
"2-fer Deal" - That is, 2 - 1 Pound Bags - $28
5 Pound Bag - $56

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