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6/27/20 - From Ethiopia, Kochere "Banko Gutiti"
has been added to our single origin offerings. This is a brand new, just off the boat New Crop coffee. Valic still has a few more postings to go before getting us all caught up. Our roasting room is packed full off new coffee bags.

6/26/20 Daterra Farms Sweet Blue / Sweet Yellow are back in stock. Brazil Daterra Farms is a scientifically engineered farm using natural processes whose focus is on quality while preserving the local habitat of forests and animals. All coffees produced on this sprawling farm are organic. Sweet Yellow and Sweet Blue is sent to us in vacuum packed bags to preserve freshness (usually unroasted coffee is stored in burlap bags).

6/24/20 - Still waiting on the Brazil Sweet Yellow/Blue. Apparently it's coming on a very slow boat, but should be here any day now, hopefully.

6/21/20 - Brazil Dulcineia dos Santos Black Honey is now available. This is an amazing micro-lot coffee that comes from a very remote region of Southern Brazil.

6/17/20 - Sweet Blue and Sweet Yellow will be back in stock early next week.

6/15/20 - Exciting new incoming coffees include: new crop Ethiopians - Banko Gutiti (from Kochere region of Yirgacheffe) and Worka Chelbessa (also a Yirgacheffe). Last, but not least an a startling black honey from Brazil is also inbound. They should be available by the end of the week.

6/11/20 - Sweet Yellow and Sweet Blue will not be available for a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6/3/20 India Monsooned Malabar is back in stock!

4/25/20 - Peru "Jose Alvino Tejada" is now available. If you like Central/South American coffees, you will not want to miss out on this one. It comes from a very small microlot producing farm high up in the mountains of Peru. Supplies are very limited so we don't expect it to be around more than a month or so (unless we can get more, which we are currently attempting to do). One of the great things about this coffee is the quality vs. the relatively low price. One would expect such an overall elegance to be a much higher cost.

4/21/20 - Ethiopia Sidamo Wottona Bultuma (say it real fast, go ahead and try it!) has been added to our selection of roasted coffees. We were very pleasantly surprised at the overall complexity of this coffee at the cupping table.

The New Crop of Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu just came in and we are all stocked up to last until next harvest. Very exciting news.

3/27/20 - Two coffees added back to our line-up. From Costa Rica, back by popular demand is Hacienda La Manga. And from Africa, Kenya Gatuya Peaberry.

 3/21/20 - Our business remains open and fully operational during the ongoing pandemic. Orders are being processed the same as they always have been. Our coffee house in downtown Mesa, however is a little different. It is now grab-and-go. Local pickups for coffee ordered on this web site can still be picked up over there in the usual manner. You just won't see a crowd hanging out at the tables!

3/13/20 - An awesome new coffee from Kenya just arrived: Kenya Kagumo has been added to our single-origin coffee line up. This coffee puts a big smile on our faces every time we brew some in our Chemex pour-over.

2/29/20 - From India, "Monsoon Malabar" has been added to our single-origin line up. This has been a very popular coffee at our local coffee house so we decided to make it available here.

2/9/20 - New coffee varietals coming in later this week include at least one Ethiopian and from India, Mysore Nuggets (that's right!). More details coming soon...

No more Costa Rica La Manga - It's all gone. However, we have plenty of Hacienda La Pradera in stock. If this coffee had a fault, it's that it is too perfect in many respects. From the processing of the coffee beans at the farm level, to the pleasant flavor that the unique volcanic soils of Costa Rica helps create, this coffee produces a gratifying cup on icy cold mornings.

12/22/19 - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe "Aricha" has just been posted. This is a natural processed coffee dried on raised beds. This is one of those sock-knocker-offer coffees that you won't want to miss out on. Here's a link for a detailed description of the growers and the coffee.

Also in but not posted - Costa Rica "La Manga". This is yet another microlot coffee that is simply too good to pass up.. So many great Costas this year...Valic will get it up within a day or so. On another note, our stock of La Minita Tarrazu is running near empty. We will not be expecting any more until March.

 11/21/19 - Hacienda La Pradera Tarrazu is now available. La Pradera is a fairly large estate grown up the valley from Hacienda La Minita. The coffee trees/shrubs are of the red bourbon variety and were all planted within the last five to six years.

11/03/19 - Just posted - Brazil Heliodora. This is another nice microlot coffee we found that is a red honey-preparation. "Honey preparation" is a relatively new processing method in which the coffee seeds (aka "beans") are left inside the coffee cherry for part of the drying process right after harvesting. This allows the sweetness and flavors of the pulp to migrate into the seeds, thus intensifying "the goodness of the bean".

 10/31/19 - Happy Halloween! We have some really nice coffees coming in today at our loading dock. Several new microlots include two from Costa Rica and one from Brazil.

9/14/19 - Guatemala Bella Carmona Peaberry is now available. These beans are similar in character to the regular Carmona with the difference being the peaberries are roasted slightly more chocolatey flavor in mind.

Peaberry coffee has smaller, rounder beans than "normal" ones.

8/29/19 Guatemala Bella Carmona Antigua is now available. Valic will be posting more arrivals over the course of the next few days, including a Kenyan, Ethiopian, and probably a new Nicaraguan. So stay tuned...


8/24/19 - No more Kenya Chania (for now). We're hoping to get a new Kenyan in late next week.

8/23/19 - Summer Doldrums: The Costa microlots are not in yet. We're waiting for them to be transported from the east coast to the west coast. Hopefully we'll get them in late next week.

Our all-time favorite Guatemalan coffee, Bella Carmona, from the Antigua growing region of Guatemala, is being added back to our line-up of Central American coffees. We're hoping to make this a regular staple on our shelves. Check back soon!

7/21/19 - From the southern-most state of Chiapas, Mexico, we're very happy to offer "Custapec Valley" roasted coffee. This is an estate grown coffee that utilizes modern milling equipment and careful attention to growing practices resulting in a very clean, bright tasting coffee.

Stay tuned for some limited edition microlots coming in from Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. These are amazing coffees produced in even more amazingly small amounts.

7/6/19 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe "Mamo Cacho" added to our growing list of single-origin coffees.

6/29/19 Kenya Chania Peaberry, Nicaragua El Lemoncillo Red Pacamara, and a new surprise, Colombia Jardin Alma Del Cafe are now all available (just posted!) Ethiopia "Mamo Cacho coming up soon.

The Colombian Alma Del Cafe is an incredibly vibrant, clean tasting supremo that we carried a few years ago. The current crop is so amazing we've contracted enough of it to hopefully last throughout the rest of the year, so it will be around for awhile.

3/21/19 - Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate is back! This is a well rounded, low acidic, flavorful coffee from one of the far corners of the Earth. The beans are cultivated and processed using modern methods.

A far corner of the Earth as we know it.

Other coffees coming soon including an amazing sun-dried coffee from Costa Rica.

3/13/19 - We are pleased to now offer Nicaragua El Limoncillo Red Pacamara. This is definitely for those that like Central American coffees, but with a nice twist. "Pacamara" is a hybrid coffee consisting of Pacamara (a form of caturra cultivar), and "Maragogype", also sometimes called "elephant beans" because of their very large size. Processed through a natural pulping process to enhance sweetness, the flavor of these bean is unique.

Some Pacamara growing on a coffee shrub

1/3/19 - From the Daterra Collection - Brazil Sweet Blue is now available. Similar to Sweet Yellow but with subtle differences, Sweet Blue is a little sweeter than the yellow bourbon cousin with faint chocolate notes. It is a little less balanced in the cup, but this is just fine since assorted nuttiness makes for quite an interesting cup.

12/19/18 - Brazil Moscardini is in! This is an incredible coffee created using a very special processing technique. Moscardini is hands-down our current favorite here at Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters. We're hoping to make this a regular offering. Read more to learn more about the processing technique.

Local orders can be picked up anytime at The Lost Dutchman Cafe in Downtown Mesa, 12 N Center Street, during all business hours, seven days a week. Just make a note in the comments section of the shopping cart during checkout and an email will be sent to you when your order is available.

Our roastery is still located in Tempe and always will be. Local Saturday pick-ups will still continue as it has for years.

Our coffee house is located at 12 N Center Street in downtown Mesa. Phone number there is 480-969-1233. This number is for phone-in orders.

To get local orders processed in a more timely manner, please try and call/email, or place your order online at least 24 hours before expecting to pick it up. Lately we've been getting lots of calls and folks just walking in ordering coffee, which we try to accommodate but it really can throw our roasting schedule into chaos. "Oh drat, there goes $50 worth of green coffee up in smoke because we weren't able to pay attention to it." Yikes. So please try and place local orders with reasonable advance notice.

We are an Arizona Coffee Roaster. Here you can buy exotic specialty coffees from all over the coffee-growing regions of the world. Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters strives relentlessly to bring you some of the most unique roasted coffees at a great value. Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hacienda la Minita", Hawaiian Kona, Brazil Daterra Farms Sweet Yellow? They're all right here on this site plus many more. Compared with what other high-end specialty coffee web sites are offering, bargain savvy coffee aficionados will often find that the some of the same specialty coffees are listed at nearly twice the price, but for only 12 ounce bags! All of Lost Dutchman roasted coffees come in either Full Pound or Five Pound bags . How can we do this? Simply put, we are into sourcing and roasting fine coffees, we are not into gouging our customers just because a coffee has a fancy name that sounds nice. If we can source it at a good price, we pass the savings on to our customers. Creating trust and loyalty with our customers is what we depend upon for our success.


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All of our single origin coffees, espresso, and blended roasted coffees are guaranteed fresh roasted. We take great pride in every detail of our custom coffee blending & roasting process to ensure a bold and unique experience. If you're a business looking for a superior coffee product, you can purchase our custom roasted coffees. If you're looking for a regular supply of 5 lb. bags, you may qualify for our wholesale pricing structure. Just give us a call at 623-217-1304 and we'll be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.



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