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3/7/15 - A nice coffee from Kenya was added to our single-origin offering list.

2/16/15 Guatemala Antigua Pastores This is a SHG (Strictly High-Grown) coffee from a well established farm located in the Antigua region of Guatemala. Nice, chocolaty notes. Very bright in the cup.

Also just in...a nice microlot coffee from Colombia - "Finca Pinares" If you like very high-end coffees, this is definitely one not to miss. We have a very limited amount of it in stock; when it's gone, well, it's.......

5/19/14 - Colombia Tolima - a nice full body Supremo is now on our single-origin roasted coffee list.

Other news - the Kenyan previously mentioned is in, as are other coffees. They'll be made available soon.

3/13/14 - Our new coffee house is up an running, but it's taking time to get this web site updated to incorporate the new shop and to provide updated information (we're getting a lot of calls about how' there's no information on the internet). So here it is:

Our roastery is still located in Tempe and always will be. Local Saturday pick-ups will still continue as it has for years.

Our coffee house is located at 12 N Center Street in downtown Mesa. Phone number there is 480-969-1233. This number is for phone-in lunch orders.


1/27/14 - Important Notice for Local Pick-up Orders: We're in the process of opening a local coffee house (surprise!) and find it necessary to trim our Saturday Pick-up hours from 11am-2pm to 12pm-2pm so that we may concentrate more on getting the new shop open. Once open, it will be easier to pick up coffee during the week at our new shop located in downtown Mesa. (a common request we get).

Also, in order to get local orders processed in a more timely manner, please try and call/email, or place your order online at least 12 hours before expecting to pick it up. Lately we've been getting lots of calls and folks just walking in ordering coffee, which we try to accommodate but it really can throw our roasting schedule into chaos (some of you know who you are!!!). "Oh drat, there goes $50 worth of green coffee up in smoke because we weren't able to pay attention to it." Yikes. So please try and place local orders in advance more. It will be highly appreciated by our roasting staff and customers will not be disappointed when sometimes they show up only to find that they're coffee's not ready yet. It really bothers us not to have it ready in time.

We are an Arizona Coffee Roaster. Here you can buy exotic specialty coffees from all over the coffee-growing regions of the world. Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters strives relentlessly to bring you some of the most unique roasted coffees at a great value. Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hacienda la Minita"? Sumatra Harimau Tiger? Hawaiian Kona? Brazil Daterra Farms Sweet Blue? They're all right here on this site plus many more. Compared with what other high-end specialty coffee web sites are offering, bargain savvy coffee aficionados will often find that the some of the same specialty coffees are listed at nearly twice the price, but for only 12 ounce bags! All of Lost Dutchman roasted coffees come in either Full Pound or Five Pound bags . How can we do this? Simply put, we are into sourcing and roasting fine coffees, we are not into gouging our customers just because a coffee has a fancy name that sounds nice. If we can source it at a good price, we pass the savings on to our customers. Creating trust and loyalty with our customers is what we depend upon for our success.

All of our coffee is roast to order, meaning we don't roast it until you order it. This is one way of guaranteeing the freshest coffee possible. In fact, we're so obsessed with freshness, we've been known to drive the coffee to our customers houses many times.


Wholesale Roasted Coffee for Your Business

All of our single origin coffees, espresso, and blended roasted coffees are guaranteed fresh roasted. We take great pride in every detail of our custom coffee blending & roasting process to ensure a bold and unique experience that is unparalleled in taste and freshness. Whether you are a large coffee shop looking for fresh roasted wholesale coffee, or if you're an office, business, or individual coffee connoisseur looking for a superior coffee product, you can purchase our custom roasted coffees in either 1lb or 5lb packaging. If you're looking for a regular supply of 5 lb. bags, you may qualify for our wholesale pricing structure. Simply fill out a request form and a representative will contact you with details and can set up an account for you. We welcome walk-ins or customer pick-ups at our roasting facility located in Tempe, Arizona



For Home Roasting enthusiasts: Click on this link to visit our sister web site dedicated to home coffee roasting .

Tolima Bird

Colombia Tolima Supremo

Daterra Farms "Sweet Yellow"

Costa Rica La Lapa Roasted Coffee


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Hacienda La Minita Coffee


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