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Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters is an artisan micro-roaster located in Tempe Arizona, roasting exceptional single-origin and bold, rich blends.

Coffee News

8/5/23 – New coffee –

One of the brightest and tastiest of Guatemalan coffees is back – La Voz is from the Atitlan growing region of Guatemala.  Loaded with a combination of citrus and milk chocolate, this is a great morning eye-opener.

6/21/23 Happy Summer. Finally….

The Tanzanian Igale coffee we’ve been waiting for has arrived and is now available for purchase.  This is a limited edition coffee and we don’t have a very large quantity of it.  Read the description of the coffee and check out the image of the pulping machine used to process the coffee cherries and you’ll see why.  The producers do a remarkable job with their small equipment as the raw beans  we received are clean, green, and  contain the perfect moisture content for us to roast them. We are happy to support them and their goals of producing what is truly specialty grade coffee.   On a side note, we’re expecting a procession of some other really nice coffees over the next several months until Fall.  These include mostly Ethiopian and Central American coffees.

6/2/23 – It took an extra week

But Valic was able to get the Costa Rica El Reconsito posted.  An excellent coffee.  Unfortunately, the Tanzania we’ve been waiting for did not make it on the shipment but should be available when we get the next one in a couple of weeks.  The Reconsito is limited in quantities, but we were able to finagle some extra so we should have enough to last through July.

5/22/23 – Coming very soon…

It’s been awhile since we posted new offerings.  There are two new varietals that are inbound and will be here by the end of the week.  Another specialty from Costa Rica – “Finca El Rinconsito”  – This is truly an amazing coffee that will be limited in quantity.  Also incoming is a nice Tanzanian – this time it is not a peaberry, but standard beans.  The profile is rich body combined with caramel-like tangerine notes.  Valic should have these posted by Friday of this week. (we’ll see how it goes…)

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Our Current Roasted Coffee Offerings

Current Roasted Coffee Espressos


Crafted to create unique, rich flavors. Our espresso blends consist of a variety of crisp flavor profiles to fit personal preferences. Roasted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Current Roasted Coffee Blends


An Arizona coffee roaster, Lost Dutchman offers a range of unique coffee blends and flavor profiles ranging from our bold Classic Blend, to our smooth, light-medium roasted Prospector’s Blend.

Current Roasted Coffee Single-Origin


Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters provides single-origin coffees from a wide variety of coffee types from throughout the growing regions of the world.

Current Roasted Coffee Decaffeinated


Enjoy the benefits of our decaffeinated coffees with clean, robust flavors and bright, smooth textures to give you the quality tastes you deserve.

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Lost Dutchman Coffee Wholesale Coffee Ordering

Wholesale Coffee Ordering

All our single origin coffees, espressos, and blends are guaranteed fresh roasted. If you are a business looking for a superior coffee product, we can supply you with a variety of custom roasted coffees including creation of your own proprietary blends. Just send us a message at the email address below with your contact information and we’ll be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.

Please contact us at the email address listed below. We no longer use online forms to fill out due to the excessive amount of spamming we’ve received.