Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry

An elegant coffee with satisfying taste and pleasant aroma.



Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry is a premium blend of peaberries grown exclusively at high-altitude estates in both Northern and Southern Tanzania.

What makes peaberry coffee beans different than others is that that coffee beans are actually seeds (not beans), in which only one seed grows inside one “cherry”, which gives them a round appearance. Normally there are two seeds butted up against one another causing a flatness on the side with the vegetal crevice, or “crack”. The cause for this is that for whatever reason, the flower that creates the seed had only one of its two ovaries pollinated. Yes, flowers have ovaries. Something like 6% of all coffee beans are peaberries, but they are screened out and separated during processing. Arguments can be made for and against peaberry coffee, but we find that they just “cup differently” than non-peaberry coffee: Body, brightness, and sweetness can all be different in peaberry coffee and non-peaberry coffee. When it comes down to sheer goodness, it really comes down to the overall quality of the lot.

From our cupping table, our Zanzibar Peaberry coffee has a sweet pipe tobacco aroma with chocolate mandarin-orange flavor. It is as bright as a nice Kenyan would be expected to be with a finish of a fine wine.

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