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Brazil Dulcineia dos Santos Black Honey
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What are these different colored honey-prep coffees all about? Do they somehow inject honey into the process? The colors range from white honey, yellow honey, gold honey, red honey, and black honey and refer to a specific level of a process in which the seeds are partially dried with a certain amount of mucilage left on them. The "mucilage" is actually "the meat" of the coffee cherry itself. (Coffee beans are not beans at all, but rather they are seeds that grow inside a "coffee cherry" that looks just like that - a cherry). This mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky - like honey. Hence the term. The lighter the color description, the less of this mucilage was left on the bean during the honey processing, with "black" meaning a large amount of mucilage was left on the beans while drying. The end result is to maximize sweetness.

Dulcineia is part of Matao Women in Coffee project in Southern Brazil. The group formed to support women's efforts to run a portion of the family farm with focus on quality.

In the cup, this processing method expresses intense brightness and sweetness. From a technical cupping perspective: syrupy sweetness coupled with orange citrus. Full body.


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1 Pound Bag - $13
"2-fer Deal" - That is, 2 - 1 Pound Bags - $25
5 Pound Bag - $52

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