India Monsoon Malabar

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India Monsoon Malabar

A very sweet tasting, full bodied coffee from India



The name ‘Monsoon Malabar’ came about following an historical event. When wooden cargo ships full of Indian coffee beans headed for Europe through the Cape of Good Hope, they were exposed to heavy humidity and moist sea winds on their sometimes long journeys. The wooden hulls helped to develop a number of qualities that were soon sought after in coffee houses across Europe. Quickly, Malabar coffees became renowned for their rich, well developed heavy body, muted acidity and complex flavors.

Today, monsooned coffee is laid out in specially constructed, open-sided warehouses, where it is exposed to the monsoon winds. The rainy season in India (Karnataka state, specifically) begins in June, when the coffee is laid out in these special
warehouses for several days, periodically raked and turned, thus ensuring even exposure and the prevention of mold or other taints developing. After this period, the coffee is bagged but is still left in the open warehouse, with the winds blowing through.

The results are a very sweet, heavy bodied coffee with low acidity. Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters sources the very finest Monsooned Malabar coffee available anywhere. It is a local favorite at our coffee house.

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