Papua New Guinea Peaberry “Bunum Wo”

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Papua New Guinea Peaberry “Bunum Wo”

One of our favorite coffees from south of the equator

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This coffee comes from Bunum Wo the Wahgi River Valley, Western Highlands region of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The term “Peaberry” signifies a small round bean; instead of the normal two-seeds (beans) forming in the coffee cherry, only one has formed. Not having to share nutrients with its “twin”, the single seed is thought to develop more chemical compounds that add to flavor characteristics when brewed as coffee. You be the judge.

Roasted to a medium roast, this coffee works well for any brewing method including espresso.

If a lighter or darker roast is desired, just mention “lighter roast” or “darker roast”in the comments section of our shopping cart during checkout and we should be able to accommodate this request.

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