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Discover our Christmas Roasted Coffee Blends

Apache Blend

For coffee lovers that like to use the word “Bold” to describe the way they best like their coffee, this is it!

Lost Dutchman’s Classic Blend

We designed this coffee to complement a good meal

Mocca Java Blend

All Mocca Java’s are not created equal. Ours is definitely unique. Named for the Indonesian island of Java and a port city in Yemen

Peralta Blend

Bold and invigorating. Medium dark roast

Prospector’s Blend

A combination of Latin American beans roasted lightly to emphasize their complementary flavors

Coffee News

11/16/23 Just in….

Fresh New Crop Ethiopians are in so get them while they are at their very best.  Yirgacheffe “Konga” was just added to our line-up. Make sure your brewing equipment is clean clean clean before brewing this sweet, complex coffee in order to appreciate all of the intense orange-lemony sweetness it has to offer.

10/31/23 Kenya Nguvu in stock!

We’re excited to have received our shipment of Kenya Nguvu.  It is now available under the Single Origin tab, or just click here to get there.

10/21/23 Coming very soon…

Kenya Nguvu is coming back next week along with Ethiopia Konga.  They should be posted by mid to late next week.

9/15/23 Back in Stock

Indian Monsooned Malabar and Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu are both back in stock.  Konga to be posted soon.

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Wholesale Coffee Prices For Your Business

All of our single origin coffees, espresso, and blended roasted coffees are guaranteed fresh roasted. We take great pride in every detail of our custom coffee blending & roasting process to ensure a bold and unique experience. If you’re a business looking for a superior coffee product, you can purchase our custom roasted coffees. If you’re looking for a regular supply of 5 lb. bags, you may qualify for our wholesale pricing structure. Just give us a call at 623-217-1304 and we’ll be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.

Please contact us at the email address listed below. We no longer use online forms to fill out due to the excessive amount of spamming we’ve received.