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Discover our Christmas Roasted Coffee Blends

Apache Blend

For coffee lovers that like to use the word “Bold” to describe the way they best like their coffee, this is it!

Lost Dutchman’s Classic Blend

We designed this coffee to complement a good meal

Mocca Java Blend

All Mocca Java’s are not created equal. Ours is definitely unique. Named for the Indonesian island of Java and a port city in Yemen

Peralta Blend

Bold and invigorating. Medium dark roast

Prospector’s Blend

A combination of Latin American beans roasted lightly to emphasize their complementary flavors


Coffee News

6/2/23 – It took an extra week

But Valic was able to get the Costa Rica El Reconsito posted.  An excellent coffee.  Unfortunately, the Tanzania we’ve been waiting for did not make it on the shipment but should be available when we get the next one in a couple of weeks.  The Reconsito is limited in quantities, but we were able to finagle some extra so we should have enough to last through July.

5/22/23 – Coming very soon…

It’s been awhile since we posted new offerings.  There are two new varietals that are inbound and will be here by the end of the week.  Another specialty from Costa Rica – “Finca El Rinconsito”  – This is truly an amazing coffee that will be limited in quantity.  Also incoming is a nice Tanzanian – this time it is not a peaberry, but standard beans.  The profile is rich body combined with caramel-like tangerine notes.  Valic should have these posted by Friday of this week. (we’ll see how it goes…)

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Wholesale Coffee Prices For Your Business

All of our single origin coffees, espresso, and blended roasted coffees are guaranteed fresh roasted. We take great pride in every detail of our custom coffee blending & roasting process to ensure a bold and unique experience. If you’re a business looking for a superior coffee product, you can purchase our custom roasted coffees. If you’re looking for a regular supply of 5 lb. bags, you may qualify for our wholesale pricing structure. Just give us a call at 623-217-1304 and we’ll be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.

Please contact us at the email address listed below. We no longer use online forms to fill out due to the excessive amount of spamming we’ve received.

Tips For Brewing Coffee On Christmas

Tips for Better Coffee Brewing

No matter where they are sourced, coffee beans experience a long journey from seed to cup. Any mistake along the way between harvesting and brewing can ruin the outcome. Each farmer invests time, effort, and care into cultivating the crop, harvesting it, drying and milling it, and packaging it for transport to our coffee shop. Even after this process, if the beans are brewed improperly, they can taste like garbage water. Read below for some foolproof tips to help you avoid making a potentially disastrous brewing mistake!

This is a basic description of how espresso is properly made using a traditional espresso machine that uses high pressure pump to force water through a portafilter for proper extraction. Note that one cannot come close to achieving genuine espresso using a $50 machine that relies on steam pressure to force water through the coffee grinds.
[continue reading]

The history of coffee is filled with pronouncements regarding its effects on coffee drinkers – ranging from coffee’s divine quality to energize a mundane life, to be alternatively matched with edicts banning the evil brew as sinful and deadly to one’s health. [continue reading]

The French Press is thought to have been invented somewhere in France during the mid 1800’s, but the name of the person is not known for sure. It was first patented in 1931 by a fellow named Attilio Calimani (that name does not sound French). [continue reading]

Our Coffee Roasting History

The Lost Dutchman Coffee Company started out in 2003. We opened with the idea of offering our customers the best coffee and espresso possible. We sampled coffees from many cafes, but found the coffee they offered was mostly sub-standard and not well prepared. So, we bought our own roaster, sourced our own beans, and continuously strive to roast for perfection while providing both training and great beans to cafes, restaurants, and coffee lovers that know and appreciate what specialty coffee is all about.

Our coffee is roasted in a micro-roastery located in Tempe, Arizona. We traditional drum roastesr. The flexible controls of our roastesr help create create splendid, consistent roast batches using the finest specialty grade coffee beans we can find. We roast on both Ambex and Probat L12 roasting equipment.

About Us Team At The Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters

Contact Us & Enjoy Our Latest Holiday Offers

We are a commercial roastery generaly not open to the general public.

Our “brick and mortar” business is a small commercial roastery and not set up as a retail-type store. Instead, local pick-ups can be made at our cafe located in Downtown Mesa.

If you wish to pick-up rather than have your order shipped, select the “Will Pick Up” option during shopping cart checkout. You’ll recieve either a phone call, text, or email notification letting you know when your order is ready to be picked up (typically within 24 hours). You may specify your preference in the Comments Section during shopping cart checkout.

    Best way to reply:

    Located in Mesa,AZ

    Monday -Friday: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm
    Saturday 7:00am – 5:00pm
    Sunday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

    12 N Center Street Mesa, AZ 85201