Peru Amazonas

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Peru Amazonas

Peru Amazonas Coffee

Peru Amazonas – 1 Pound Bag
1 lb Bag Peru Amazonas Coffee
Peru Amazonas – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Two 1lb Bags Peru Amazonas Coffee
Peru Amazonas – 5 Pound Bag
One 5lb Bag Peru Amazonas Coffee


Peru’s coffee is slowly beginning to be recognized as one of the best growing regions of the world.  From citrusy to chocolaty tastes, Peru’s coffee is highly demanded in Latin America. What differentiates coffee from this region are the extreme variations in humidity, sunlight, temperatures, and growing altitudes that allow coffee shrubs to develop unique flavor profiles.

The Amazonas region is, you guessed it, located in the Amazon jungle.  This coffee is roasted to bring out the abundance of  milk-chocolate and velvety fruit notes that best characterize this coffee.

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