Kenyan Kahiriga

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Kenyan Kahiriga

The very essence of Kenyan coffee is captured here

Kenyan Kahiriga – 1 Pound Bag
Kenyan Kahiriga – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Kenyan Kahiriga – 5 Pound Bag


These high density and high quality Kenya coffee beans were purchased from the Kahiriga, Cooperative. This particular co-op is made up of a group of societies in the region of Muranga County, Kenya. The beans were hulled and graded by Sasani Coffee Mill. Grow nd and milled on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

One of the unique coffee processes typical of Kenya is allowing the coffee to soak in fresh water for approximately twenty-four hours after the fermentation process is complete. This is believed to reduce coffee bitterness.

This is a medium roast. This elegant coffee is powerfully representative of sparkling fruitiness that Kenyans are known for… currants and mandarin orange are the best way to describe this wholesome coffee. When roasting, it requires constant attention to coax out the best character the beans have to offer.

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