Ethiopia “Halo Beriti” Yirgacheffe

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

Ethiopia “Halo Beriti” Yirgacheffe

An anaerobic processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

Ethiopia "Halo Beriti" Yirgacheffe – 1 Pound Bag
Ethiopia "Halo Beriti" Yirgacheffe – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Ethiopia "Halo Beriti" Yirgacheffe – 5 Pound Bag


As with many Ethiopian coffees, this one comes from a cooperative named Halo Beriti milling station located in the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffee, Ethiopia.  It is a collection of smallholder farmers – typically farmers that own less than 1/2 hectre of land and as small as 1/8th of a hectre.   The coffee is then sun-dried on raised drying beds for just over a week, depending on humidity and sun.  The results are tart fruit and with sugary sweetness and pleasant aftertaste.  Light cocoa and mixed berry flavors. As with most sun-dried Ethiopian coffees, the beans may have an uneven appearance once roasted.  This is perfectly normal and is just the nature of this type of coffee.


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