El Salvador “La Fany”

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999
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El Salvador “La Fany”

El Salvador La Fany

El Salvador "La Fany" – 1 Pound Bag
1 lb Bag La Voz Coffee
El Salvador "La Fany" – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Two 1lb Bags La Voz Coffee
El Salvador "La Fany" – 5 Pound Bag
One 5lb Bag La Voz Coffee


La Fany is a family-owned sprawling estate farm that has been producing high quality coffee for over 150 years. The specific bean type of this coffee is  a natural (sun-dried) red bourbon bean.  The aroma of this coffee precludes elegant flavors found in the cup. Caramel, light chocolate, grapes, and nice body describe the cup

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