Costa Rica Tarrazu “Hibrido Tico”

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

Costa Rica Tarrazu “Hibrido Tico”

From the famous La Minita Estate, Hibrido Tico

Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hibrido Tico" – 1 Pound Bag
Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hibrido Tico" – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hibrido Tico" – 5 Pound Bag


From the Hacienda La Minita Farms, “Hibrido Tico” is anaerobic processed processed Tarrazu coffee.  The processing method consists of fermenting the beans in pressurized, sealed tanks deprived of oxygen.  This lack of oxygen produces distinct flavor compounds otherwise not found in the coffee after it is roasted. Note that fermentation of coffee beans begin as soon as coffee is picked due to the presence of moisture and yeast in the air.  This would be aerobic processing. The difference between the two (aerobic and anaerobic) is the process without oxygen (anaerobic) produces a final product with a striking flavor because it produces certain lactic acid compounds.  The intense pressure inside the tanks forces the juices and sugars into the bean (that is the theory).  Whatever the process, this “Hibrido Tico” version of Tarrazu makes for an intensely pleasant cup.

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