Brazil – Eloir Inocencia Nogueira

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Brazil – Eloir Inocencia Nogueira

Sweet nutty like coffee

1 Pound Bag
2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
5 Pound Bag


This is a hard-to-find microlot coffee with an interesting background.  Eloir is part of the Mataõ Women In Coffee project. Mataõ is a remote region in southern Brazil. The group formed to support these women’s efforts to run a portion of their family farm with a focus on quality instead of quantity.  This coffee has won numerous competitions and recognition within the Mataõ  coffee growing network.

While a lot of coffee from Brazil is noted for sweetness over brightness, this coffee has a lot of both – tropical fruit flavors combined with sugar plum.  Smooth creamy body.  An excellent choice for both traditional brew methods as well as espresso.

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