Kenyan Gachatha AA

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999
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Kenyan Gachatha AA

A powerful representation of an elegant Kenyan coffee.

1 Pound Bag
2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
5 Pound Bag


From the Nyeri growing region of Kenya, Gachatha AA embodies a complexity of flavors and cup characteristics – from floweriness such as lavender and lilac its to honey-like syrupy mouthfeel. The “AA” in the title describes the grade Kenya uses in differentiating coffees from around the country.  AA is the highest grade based on bean size and is free of physical defects.

Medium-light roasted is where we’ve identified the sweet spot for this coffee.  If a different roast level is desired, please note it in the comments section while checking out.

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