Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe

Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999
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Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe

An natural processed Ethiopian Sidamo coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe – 1 Pound Bag
Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Ethiopia Sidamo Bombe – 5 Pound Bag



From the famous Bensa growing region of Ethiopia, This natural processed coffee has all the florals and sweetness that we love from Bensa coffees. By allowing the fruit to dry on the seed, Bombe has achieved a full-bodied, fruity sweetness that accompanies the delicate florals of the heirloom variety. This naturally processed coffee is versatile across all of the different extraction methods including espresso and french press. Roasted to a medium light roast (closer to medium) to preserve the distinct floral qualities and sweetness that make this coffee unique.


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