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About Us


The Lost Dutchman Coffee Company started out in 2003. We opened with the idea of offering our customers the best coffee and espresso possible. We sampled coffees from many cafes, but found the coffee they offered was mostly sub-standard and not well prepared. So, we bought our own roaster, sourced our own beans, and continuously strive to roast for perfection while providing both training and great beans to cafes, restaurants, and coffee lovers that know and appreciate what specialty coffee is all about.

Our coffee is roasted in a micro-roastery located in Tempe, Arizona. We traditional drum roastesr. The flexible controls of our roastesr help create create splendid, consistent roast batches using the finest specialty grade coffee beans we can find. We roast on both Ambex and Probat L12 roasting equipment.


Click here for a Map to Our Roastery

If you're planning to visit, please call us first at 623-217-1304 to make sure someone is available. We are not set up as a retail store and as such do not keep regular store hours except for Saturdays between 12:00am ant 2:00pm.


Victor Kessler, roaster for Lost Dutchman Roasters, is a licensed Q-Grader. Q-Graders areaccredited by the Coffee Quality Institute. For more information, click here.



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