Lost Dutchman Coffee Roaster’s primary focus is on sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees. As such, we don’t limit ourselves to any of the special-interest orgnaizations such as Organic, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, etc. If we offer an Organic, it’s because of the quality, not the certification. Our reason for this is simple: we feel we can do better by dealing directly with farmers and growers where possible so that we know for certain the help is going directly to where it’s needed.

A large percentage of coffee farms cannot afford organic certification. Besides the monetary cost of becoming certified, it usually means several years of small or no crops while the soil on the farm is becoming pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer – free. In reality, most farmers cannot afford pesicides or chemical fertilizers.

We also recognize the importance of protecting the environment and need to help the coffee growers in order to develop and sustain great coffees. Here is a partial list of growers and family-owned farms that we prefer to conduct business with:

The Association of Women Coffee Growers of Guayata.

Daterra Farms