Sumatra Takengon “Golden Gayo”

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Sumatra Takengon “Golden Gayo”

A premium dark roasted coffee from the Aceh province of Sumatra.

Sumatra Takengon "Golden Gayo" – 1 Pound Bag
Sumatra Takengon "Golden Gayo" – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Sumatra Takengon "Golden Gayo" – 5 Pound Bag


Located in the Takengon highlands of the northern Aceh province on the island of Sumatra.  This is a premium Sumatran coffee grown at high altitudes. The Takengon cooperatives are run mainly by women from the Gayoneese ethnic group because many of the men were killed or exiled during the “Free Ache Movement” that actively resisted Indonesian government control until as recently as 2005.   The movement actually has its roots going back to the 18th century when Dutch colonialism ruled the day.

This is a special dark roasted coffee which we feel brings out semi-sweet chocolate, pine nuts, and strong notes of pipe tobacco. Sweetness and lively citrus character present themselves as the cup cools.  A very elegant coffee.


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