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Roasting Specialty Coffee Since 1999

  • We designed this coffee to complement a good meal. Comprised of mild Latin American beans, Lost Dutchman's Classic Blend offers body without being heavy and smooth texture without being overly rich. Bold.
  • Prospector’s Blend

    A combination of Latin American beans roasted lightly to emphasize their complementary flavors.
  • Apache Blend

    For coffee lovers that like to use the word "Bold" to describe the way they best like their coffee, this is it! At Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters, we've worked long and hard to come up with this exciting blend of coffees from various growing regions of the world.
  • Mocca Java Blend

    All Mocca Java's are not created equal. Ours is definitely unique. Named for the Indonesian island of Java and a port city in Yemen, Lost Dutchman's Mocca Java uses beans from neither place!
  • Peralta Blend

    Bold and invigorating. Medium dark roast.
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