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Mexico Custapec Valley
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This is an estate coffee from the Custapec Valley, located in Sierra Madre de Chiapa. Grown on steep terraces on the slopes of the Tacaná volcano, which extends to above 13,500 feet above sea level, the conditions are excellent for producing excellent coffee beans. The growing terraces temselves are 3,500-4,000 ft above sea level making this an altura, or "high-grown" coffee.

Custapec Valley coffee makes for a very bright morning cup of coffee - the kind that puts smiles on faces. Hints of roasted nuts, dark cocoa powder and sweet floral notes came to mind when cupped in the Lost Dutchman cupping lab.

Size Options

1 Pound Bag - $12
Two-fer (Two 1 lb. bags) $22
5 Pound Bag - $45

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