Kenyan Karatina

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Kenyan Karatina

The very essence of Kenyan coffee is captured here

Kenyan Karatina – 1 Pound Bag
Kenyan Karatina – 2-fer Two 1 Pound Bag
Kenyan Karatina – 5 Pound Bag


The full name, for those interested, is Kenya Karatina Barichu Gatomboya

There’s something special about coffees from this part of the world. Besides having optimal growing conditions and an excellent variety of selections, Kenya’s method of double washing adds uniqueness and quality to the coffee flavor as well.

This coffee comes from the Gatomboya production facility near Karatina town in Nyeri county. The smallholder farms and factories are located within Central Kenya’s Nyeri county, bordered on the west by the Aberdares range, and on the northeast by Mount Kenya. In all of Africa, only Mount Kilimenjaro tops Mt. Kenya in elevation.

Deep, sweet, floral and peach best describe the flavor nuances of this bean. Lavender and oak in fragrance with a dry, citrus-y finish.  This coffee exudes elegance.

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