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"Coffee As Enchanting As The Legend"
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Ethiopia Sidama "Masha" - Organic



Masha Natural Organic certified coffee comes from Masha Woreda Yeppo Village, a coffee farm owned by Olympic running champion Haile Gebrselassie. The land was a gift from the Ethiopian government, in appreciation for his achievements representing Ethiopia. Among his accomplishments, Haile is a two-time Olympic World Champion and the holder of 27 world records, for distances from 1,500 meters to the marathon.

Our Masha has lots of berry-like flavors and aromas with creamy body, but not in an overpowering way. The prominent fruit is Strawberry, followed by blueberries and honey.



Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $13
"2fer Deal" - That is, 2 - 1 Pound Bags - $24
5 Pound Bag - $54


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