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Costa Rica La Manga
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From one of the La Minita farms, Finca La Manga is a unique varietal called Hibrido Tico. "Hibrido" means "hybrid", "Tico" is varietal. The beans have undergone what is known as a Yellow Honey processing in which the seeds (beans) are left in the cherries to ferment to a very certain point under weather conditions unique to the region. This technique has the effect of increasing sweetness and certain flavor characteristics. As with most (if not all ) La Minita farms, Finca La Manga is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning careful management of the surrounding forest as well as bird habitat is observed.

Our roasting profile of this bean is tailored to bring out hazelnut and milk chocolate.

La Manga is best prepared using pour-over or French press. Due to the brightness of this coffee, we do not recommend is as an espresso. For those inclined to try it anyway, very hot water temp is suggested (204-205 degrees F). For other brewing methods, just use the normal water temperature you would use.


Volcanic Soils of Tarrazu Valley

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1 Pound Bag - $16

2-fer (two 1 lb bags - $29

5 Pound Bag - $65

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