Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca El Lilo Red Honey

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Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca El Lilo Red Honey

Another incredible coffee from the Tarrazu Valley

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Co-produced by Cattica and La Minita, this is a special honey preparation in which some of the mucilage (stuff surrounding the coffee seed inside the cherry) is allowed to remain on the beans after they’ve been harvested and washed. The beans are then exposed to a very precise drying time with a certain amount of humidity. The result is a sweeter coffee, but without necessarily reducing the brightness the coffee has to offer that typically happens with sun-dried, or “natural processed” beans. This makes some coffees, such as this one, that normally aren’t the best choice for espresso preparation much better. In fact, “El Lilo” is a great choice for all brewing types. Some of the espresso shots that we’ve pulled can only be described as heavenly.

Origin: Tarrazu is one of four districts near Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose that grow premium specialty coffee. The other three are Tres Rios, Heredia and Alajuela. Tarrazu coffee is grown in the volcanic soils of the high mountain central valley region. The Finca El Lilo farm growing altitude is 1,300-1,800 meters msl on a steep, terraced hill.

Medium roasted to produce a very bold tasting and full flavored cup. If you wish a different roast level, just mention it in the comments section during checkout.

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