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12/6/18 - Out of Brazil Sweet Yellow until late next week. Brazil Sitio is gone too. The good news is we have Moscardini (from Brazil) coming in late next week along with the Sweet Yellow. Moscardini is a very interesting coffee bean processed through a unique "controlled fermentation" process by the farmer. It involves slowing it down while periodically measuring the moisture and temperature. The purpose of this is to bring out, and in some cases mute, certain flavor characteristics. Stay tuned.......

11/26/18 - Kenya Kambu now available. We were pleasantly surprised at the cupping table when we discovered the deep, bold flavor these beans have to offer.

11/15/18 - No More Konga. The good news is a new Kenyan is coming in next week from our favorite co-op "Dorman".

11/4/18 Ethiopia Sidamo is now available. This is a natural (sund-dried) processed coffee with unique floral characteristics.

11/2/18 - From Ethiopia, "Misty Valley" is now available. This is a unique coffee from the Yirgacheffe region that is consistently great from season to season.

10/31/18 - New roasted coffee offerings coming this weekend (or before) include several Africans (Ethiopia) and a new Guatemalan. Stay tuned and Valic will get them up.

10/17/18 - Apparently some of the links leading to our roasted El Salvador Finca Malacara led to nowhere. Valic was able to fix it so it is now available. In addition, it can be had at a 10% discounted price. This is a very sweet, bright, coffee with incredible flavor. Just enter "organic" in the customer code box when checking out to receive the discount. The discount applies to this coffee only.

9/21/18 - El Conquistador, from Costa Rica, is now available. Click on the image to get there.

9/19/18 - We've been very busy in our cupping room lately as there seems to be an abundance of nice coffees this time of year, with the exception of Sumatrans. Indonesia has had a rough year and the harvests have been much smaller than hoped. All is not lost though, as we've been able to secure enough to get us through this.

From Costa Rica, we have some nice El Conquistador "Special Prep" on the way. A number of years ago we stocked this coffee on a regular basis and are pleased to be getting some back in. Valic should have it up and available by the weekend.

9/3/18 Happy Labor Day. Guatemala "La Voz", from the growing region of Atitlan has been added to our single origin roasted coffee offering list. This coffee is offered at a very reasonable price given its really nice quality.

9/1/18 - Ethiopia "Konga" is now available. This is a coffee comprised of heirloom coffee shrubs carefully sought out in Ethiopian forests.

8/28/18 - Coming very soon - a new Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia and another awesome Guatemalan coffee. Should be available by this coming weekend. Stay tuned.

8/24/18 - Kenya "Kamugiri" just in. We've been looking for this coffee for awhile now and are very pleased to be able to offer it once again.

Some new single origins will be coming our way over the next couple of weeks. In particular we're looking at some high-end Guatemalan coffees.

7/15/18 - Rwanda Bumbogo is no more. We're looking around for another one, but it may be a little while.

7/4/18 Happy July 4th! To celebrate, we convinced Valic to post two new organic roasted coffee offerings. From Ethiopia, we have a natural processed Harrar with sweet berry-like overtones. From El Salvador, Finca Malacara - an elegant, lively cup.

6/19/18 - No more Yirgacheffe Wenago. Fortunately, we do have a nice Ethiopian Harrar that has similar berry-like qualities coming in a couple of weeks.


4/28/18 Hawaiian Kau is back in stock. There was a freight logistics problem causing a several week delay in getting our shipment. Sometimes it seems it's for us to import coffees from other countries than it is from Hawaii. Not really sure why...

Also coming up on deck, a very nice Ugandan coffee imported by Matendo Coffee Importers- Matendo specializes in sourcing some of the smoothest, well balanced coffee from various farms and co-ops in Uganda. Valic should have it posted within a day or so.

Local orders can be picked up anytime at The Lost Dutchman Cafe in Downtown Mesa, 12 N Center Street, during all business hours, seven days a week. Just make a note in the comments section of the shopping cart during checkout and an email will be sent to you when your order is available.

Our roastery is still located in Tempe and always will be. Local Saturday pick-ups will still continue as it has for years.

Our coffee house is located at 12 N Center Street in downtown Mesa. Phone number there is 480-969-1233. This number is for phone-in orders.


To get local orders processed in a more timely manner, please try and call/email, or place your order online at least 24 hours before expecting to pick it up. Lately we've been getting lots of calls and folks just walking in ordering coffee, which we try to accommodate but it really can throw our roasting schedule into chaos. "Oh drat, there goes $50 worth of green coffee up in smoke because we weren't able to pay attention to it." Yikes. So please try and place local orders with reasonable advance notice.

We are an Arizona Coffee Roaster. Here you can buy exotic specialty coffees from all over the coffee-growing regions of the world. Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters strives relentlessly to bring you some of the most unique roasted coffees at a great value. Costa Rica Tarrazu "Hacienda la Minita", Hawaiian Kona, Brazil Daterra Farms Sweet Yellow? They're all right here on this site plus many more. Compared with what other high-end specialty coffee web sites are offering, bargain savvy coffee aficionados will often find that the some of the same specialty coffees are listed at nearly twice the price, but for only 12 ounce bags! All of Lost Dutchman roasted coffees come in either Full Pound or Five Pound bags . How can we do this? Simply put, we are into sourcing and roasting fine coffees, we are not into gouging our customers just because a coffee has a fancy name that sounds nice. If we can source it at a good price, we pass the savings on to our customers. Creating trust and loyalty with our customers is what we depend upon for our success.


Wholesale Roasted Coffee for Your Business

All of our single origin coffees, espresso, and blended roasted coffees are guaranteed fresh roasted. We take great pride in every detail of our custom coffee blending & roasting process to ensure a bold and unique experience. Whether you are a large coffee shop looking for fresh roasted wholesale coffee, or if you're an office, business, or individual coffee connoisseur looking for a superior coffee product, you can purchase our custom roasted coffees in either 1lb or 5lb packaging. If you're looking for a regular supply of 5 lb. bags, you may qualify for our wholesale pricing structure. Just give us a call at 623-217-1304 and we'll be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.



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