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Sumatra Reje Gayo


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This coffee is cooperatively produced by the Reje Gayo mill in Indonesia. The soil, climate, plant stocks and, most importantly, the processing of the green coffee impart a deep, earthy taste that is long lasting with a sweet finish. Something unique to the growing of this coffee is that it is surrounded by avacado and banana trees which produce a good balance of shade for the coffee shrubs. It is also common for the farmers to plant cinnamon trees spread throughout the growing plots. Growing spices in same areas as the coffee shrubs is thought to impart flavor characteristics into the coffee when done over a regular time period. This is a technique first developed in India with their penchant for growing spices.

Coffee Characteristics:
Medium roasted, full buttery body, sweet elegant aroma, low acidity.

Internet orders are roasted on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $13
Two-fer (two 1-lb bags)- $23
5 Pound Bag - $44.00

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