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Sumatran "Black Panther"
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Sumatra “Black Panther” coffee is a mandheling (type of Sumatran), sourced from small farms in the Pondok region of the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Province of Northern Sumatra. Coffee here i s grown under shade trees, and processed using the traditional Giling Basah method (also known as wet hulled). The farms are relatively few and small, which makes the quantities produced small also. What sets this Sumatran coffee apart from others is it's light, almost raspberry-like flavor. To enhance and preserve this characteristic, we roast it a bit lighter than our other Sumatrans.


Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $13
Two-fer (two 1-lb bags)- $24
5 Pound Bag - $54.00

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