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Rwanda Bumbogo
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Muraho Bumbogo is from the Bumbogo Washing Station in the Gakenke district of Northern Rwanda.. This coffee is fully washed Red Bourbon that has been fermented for 12 hours and sun-dried for 30 days. Bumbogo comes to the U.S. in limited quantities.

Bumbogo coffee is of the Red Bourbon varietal. For the uninitiated, when it comes to coffee the name "Bourbon" does not refer to a type of whiskey! It is the name of an island (now called "Réunion") where the cultivar was first cultivated. The "Red" in Red Bourbon refers to the color of the coffee cherry. There are red, blue, and yellow colored cherries to name a few (in different shades too).

Well balanced; buttery, bright, and very clean tasting.

Light to medium roasted (unless otherwise specified)

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1 Pound Bag - $13
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5 Pound Bag - $50

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