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Peru - Jose Alvino Tejada


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This coffee fell into our hands through a first of its kind competition for high-end Peruvian microlots, called "Atipanaku", which means "competition". Atipanaku was formed by a group of Peruvian coffee producers that wanted a way to recognize that a select group of small-volume farms were growing and nurturing some outstanding coffees. Jose's very small volume microlot coffees faired well in the competition and we were honored to to be offered the opportunity to get some.

This is an amazingly bright coffee with strong hints of passion fruit, almond and vanilla. It is currently the favorite at Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters. Quantity is limited.
Size Options

1 Pound Bag - $14
2-fer Two 1 Pound Bags - $26
5 Pound Bag - $55

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