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Guatemala "La Rinconada"


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La Rinconada is a high-grown coffee from the Huehuetenango region. It's uniqueness comes from being grown amongst avocado trees that provide shade, bird friendly environment, and some say, flavor tweaks to the coffee beans. Indeed, the farm's name is El Aguacatal, which translates in English to "avocado". Cool huh? "Rinconada" means "corner". In this case the corner seems to be a location on the farm for the particular plot and cultivar of the bean, which in this case is a combination of Bourbon and Caturra.

We're pleased that the Martinez family (the family owning the El Aguacatal farm) has been kind enough to allow us to source this amazing coffee direct from them.

Medium roast - vibrant cup with medium body. Sweet tanginess in the cup with chocolate hints.


la bolsa coffee
Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $13.00
Two-fer (Two 1 lb. bags) $24

5 Pound Bag - $46


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