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"Coffee As Enchanting As The Legend"
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Costa Rica Geisha
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A small section of La Pradera Farms is dedicated to growing this rare coffee. It is considered rare because it is difficult to grow, and is very picky about where it can be grown at all. Top grades of geisha sell for over $100/lb, roasted. Here at Lost Dutchman Roasters, we have a hard time justifying paying that much even for a very unique coffee but we cannot pass up a good deal when it presents itself such as this particular coffee. We believe it is worth the cost.

So what exactly is geisha coffee and where did it come from? It s a premium coffee valued for its enchanting flavor and rich, but mellow taste. It grows best at high altitudes and has beautiful thin leaves and is a long and slender shrub, which makes it visibly different than other the other varieties (mainly arabica and robusta). The term "Geisha" has no connection with the Japanese "Geisha" (see picture on right). Rather it is named after the place it was first discovered: "Gesha" in Ethiopia sometime in the 1930's. They grow slowly and produce only about 1/2 as much as a typical arabica coffee shrub, and are quite finicky to grow. The weather must remain near perfect during the entire growing season. This is why geisha coffee remains rare and expensive, and most likely always will be.

Tasting notes for this coffee include sweet, light lemony floral with hints of orange. Overall, a very mellow cup but with complex flavors. This sounds like a contradiction, but one that is understood after experiencing it.

Medium-light roasted unless otherwise specified.

A real geisha!

Real geisha coffee beans!

Size Options

1 Pound Bag - $29

2-fer (two 1 lb bags - $55

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