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Costa Rica "El Trapiche"
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The Tarrazu volcanic region of Costa Rica is famous for its very high altitudes and long coffee growing seasons because of constant cloud coverage over the peaks separating the Atlantic from the Pacific oceans. This long maturation cycle of the coffee cherries coupled with mineral rich volcanic soil creates the unique flavor and sweetness that Cost Rican coffee is famous for.

El Trapiche is "unique within this unique" region because of the special natural drying process of the beans. Nearly all Cost Rica coffees are "washed", or "wet" processed.

Medium-light roasted (unless requested otherwise). El Trapiche can be prepared using all brewing methods including French Press and espresso. We like it in an Aeropress or pour-over.


Volcanic Soils of Tarrazu Valley

Size Options

1 Pound Bag - $13

2-fer (two 1 lb bags - $24

5 Pound Bag - $45

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