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El Conquistador - Costa Rica Tarrazu
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Origin: Tarrazu is one of four districts near Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose that grow premium specialty coffee. The other three are Tres Rios, Heredia and Alajuela. El Conquistador coffee is grown in what is called the "dota" sub-region of Tarrazu. It is exceptionally high grown (6000 ft!) in a bowl shaped valley of volcanic soils that create its own micro-climate, thus giving the coffee a unique character. Medium bodied, nutty-like cocoa notes with pleasant aftertaste. A powerful coffee it is.

Medium-light roasted (unless requested otherwise). Great for pour-over, French press, and drip brewing.

Size Options

1 Pound Bag - $13
Two-fer (Two 1 lb. bags) $24
5 Pound Bag - $46

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