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Brazil Heliodora
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From the Carmo de Minas municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. This microlot coffee is comprised of the Acaia cultivar from farms in Heliodora, which is a very small region in southeast Minas Gerais.

After harvest, the coffee cherries goe through what is known locally as the "Gato Arisco process".. The Gato Arisco process is a honey process in which the outer pulp-like portion of the cherry is left intact for a specific amount of time of the drying portion of the process in order to highlight the exotic flavors and sweetness in the beans.

In the cup, this processing method expresses intense brightness and sweetness unique to the Acaia coffee bean varietal leaving exotic red fruits, citrus, and stonefruit flavors without being overly powerful. Great for all types of brewing. Brazil Heliodora also makes for a unique single origin espresso.




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