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"Coffee As Enchanting As The Legend"
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Papua New Guinea - Wau Smallholders - Organic
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This coffee (ponounced Wah-oo) comes from the Wahgi River Valley, Western Highlands region of PNG. The varietal of coffee tree is JMB (Jamacan Blue Mountain), originally brought to the island and planted by the Dutch.

At our cupping table we noticed a distinct sweet pineapple and raspberry-like flavor without a muted acidity and very clean tasting cup.

Roasted to a medium roast, this coffee works well for any brewing method including espresso.

Internet orders are roasted on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $12.00
2-fer (two 1 lb bags) $23
5 Pound Bag - $43.00



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