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Nicaragua "El Limoncillo Red Pacamara"


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This Coffee from Nicaragua has a beautiful, bright complexity with hints of guava,mango, and key lime. Pacamara is a cross of the Pacas and Red Maragogype varietals. It is a hybrid coffee created by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research back in 1958. These beans are huge! Often referred to as "elephant beans", Pacamara is somewhat of a rarity in that there is not a lot of this type of coffee available. For years now, local farmers have been perfecting unique methods on which it is grown and seem to have it dialed in now. We are very pleased to have found this particular lot.

This coffee is very high grown and is a "pulped natural" processed coffee, both factors combine to make a tasty, sweeter coffee.



Size Options
1 Pound Bag - $12.00
2-fer (two 1 lb bags) $23
5 Pound Bag - $45.00

Maragogype (top image)

Red Coffee Cherries

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